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‘Healthy trees is our starting point’

Company history

In 1862 Adrianus (Jaon) van Aelst was 37 years old when he addressed a request by a number of noble hunters to experiment with sowing pine tree seeds in seed beds, which until then was only done with vegetables. Due to the ultimately succesful experiment Jaon van Aelst may be called the actual instigator of the family business.

Gradually, his daughter Joanna (''Sjoke'') became more and more involved in the business, leading to a growing turnover and the commencement of exports to areas as the western part of Germany and the Belgian Kempenland (Campine).

That led Jaon van Aelst to put the company on behalf of his daughter who deliberately chose to write its name with a double a (instead of ae) : Boomkwekerij Joanna van Aalst. In 1875 family name De Bie entered the company for the first time, when Joanna marries Petrus Waltherus De Bie, who unfortunatly already died in 1895, followed by the death of the company founder in 1900.

In 1902 the company name was changed into Wed. (Widow) de Bie-van Aalst and around 1910 in honour of the founder enriched with an addition: Boomkwekerij ''De Pijnboom'' (Arboriculture ''The Pine Tree''), Wed. Bie-Aalst en Zonen.

Meanwhile the revenue increased significantly and the export range grew accordingly to further destinations. From December 1924 to 1988, the company was rewarded with the allowance to use the addition Koninklijke (Royal) in the company name. A Title that is only reserved for companies of great prestige and an impeccable reputation.

Despite the two world wars and economic recessions the company continued a steady growth, which was curbed drastically in the second half of the seventies and a withdrawal of one of the owners led to the company's termination in the current form.

In 1982 Sjoke's grandson Richard decided to make a new start under the name Boomkwekerij Richard de Bie BV. By then the previously terminated company was severely reduced, in high need of modernization.

Nevertheless, with a small team of workers Richard de Bie managed to bring the company back to the leading position that the company had in earlier times. In 1991 the sons of Richard, Henk and Michael first joined the company, for taking it over permanently since 1996.

Henk and Michael de Bie are the 5th generation. Backed by an illustrious history, the company is still growing strong.


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