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‘Healthy trees is our starting point’

General company information

Boomkwekerij Richard de Bie BV is being led by Henk and Michael de Bie, sons and successors of namesake Richard.

They are supported by a team of experienced (all employed for a long time) and dedicated field and office staff, knowing the company's culture and cultivation inside out.

The nursery consist of a large sandy area, where avenue, park and forest trees as hedging plants, container plants, shrubs and conifers are grown.

Boomkwekerij Richard de Bie BV is specialized in year-round supply of an extremely wide range of garden plants and plants for greater green projects. To complete our own range with products which we have not available or left in stock, we use a select group of suppliers who know how to meet to our standards.

Our company is logistically arranged in such a way that we enable the customer to pick up with any kind of vehicle. Although if you want a home delivery, we are also well able to take care of it.

At our nursery hundreds of species of trees and plants are grown, from acer tot zelkova. As previously mentioned a very wide range of sizes, ranging from 8-10 up to and including 25-30. The shrubs and container cultivation are also available in a great diversity and numbers.

The benefit of the sandy soil on our location and the transplanting (two ore mostly three times) are enabling us to supply plants with optimal rooting.

If you want to visit our nursery, please contact us in advance for an appointment. During your visit we enjoy to show you how efficiently we work to raise a particularly green quality product, with all appropriate measures to burden the environment as little as possible. All in accordance with the requirements of the certification to which we meet.


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